Meet our Staff


Shilo was surrendered to the Animal Care Society (ACS) of Kentucky. A no-kill shelter in NE Louisville, KY.

While generally aloof, if you sit down for long enough, she will come to your side with her purrs, and trills. She helps in the stock room area by organizing the shelves, inventory and placing web orders for supplies.

Her hobbies are knocking pencils and pens off of any table, putting her face in water cups, getting brushed and chilling on a box of DVD’s in the basement.


While looks are deceiving, Angel is our customer service manager, taste-tester and one of our bread cooks. She will not hesitate to look and meow at you with scorn and disgust if she doesn’t like something.

Also an owner surrender she was adopted at the young age of nine and brought home from the Kentucky Humane Society. She brings with her years of experience and the attitude to bring it home!

Her hobbies are taking long naps in the sun, watching the birds in the window and making biscuits.


Another owner surrender to the Kentucky Humane Society, Chloe is a newcomer to the group as our Security team. She shreds paper to bits if given enough time.

She is an experienced candy maker and brings her recipes and experience to Black Cat Bakery.

Her hobbies include keeping laps warm, serving as an alarm clock and taste-testing.


Kimmy is the newest member of our clowder. Another owner-surrender from the Kentucky Humane Society, she is a welcome addition to our team. She is small, yet full-figured girl who has a lot of love to give at the spry age of 8.

She is a wonderful southern lady who will call people “darlin'” and “sweetie” and “bless their little heart”. Don’t mess with this gal, she will light you up!

Spooky – Memorial – 2/7/2022

Spooky is our inspiration. Being an only child for many years, he has many long conversations with his father about what he would like to do with his life and, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”.

Five years ago, he will admit he was not able to see himself the president of a bakery; leading a team with his inspiration.

His hobbies include chasing an errant fly in the house, sunning himself at the back door and teasing his sisters.

The morning of February 9, 2022, we helped Spooky cross over. We knew he was not doing well when he wouldn’t eat his favorite foods. The week before, we had taken him to the vet when his prognosis was made. He will be dearly missed and was able to see Black Cat Bakery flourish.

Rocco – Memorial – 12/3/2020

Picked up as a stray and offered for adoption the Kentucky Humane Society, Rocco is the one of the most laid back cats you will ever meet. Being our sales manager, he shows a happy and trusting face to any transaction.

If you need something, he’ll be there for you as he is “Mister Personality”.

His interests are warming laps, greeting everyone personally at the door, camping and doubling as a speed bump in the kitchen as well as taking selfies.

During the afternoon of December 3, 2020, Rocco passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family and friends at the age of 14-15. As he was picked up as a stray, we can only approximate his age. He was loved by all and will be dearly missed.

Black Cat Bakery is one of a kind from the Louisville area. We specialize in making fresh baked goods, jams, jellies, fruit butters and other items to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Many of our items are made with food allergies (such as gluten free) and Vegan lifestyles.

A portion of every purchase you make from Black Cat Bakery, goes to supporting less fortunate cats at foster homes and shelters.